Monday, 26 December 2011

Buon Natale

Those of you who have been looking and reading these little bits and bobs over the past few weeks. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Thanks for reading, I plan do do loads more and hope you will continue to make me feel vaguely important.

Much love. May your gods go with you.


Monday, 19 December 2011

Triple Threat Part 5 - The Dreaded Fags

Apologies to you who may have been following this blog and this instalments lateness. It's Christmas and I'm a bit busy with Christmas do's and worrying where on earth the money will come from. It's all a bit frantic. Good news though, due to the change in diet and the light exercise, I am nearly a stone lighter than I was when I started. Not at the target weight yet, but it's promising. Two out of three ain't bad... I am having a real problem with the cigarettes though.

Christmas 1985 or maybe 6

Let me take you back to a simpler time.. A time when memory was measured in double figures of "K's" and Shakin' Stevens' Merry Christmas Everyone was the Christmas number one. He used to live up the road from me you know...

I was twelve years old and my sister was just gone nine. The Grandstand video game console that we had when I was eight had begun to lose its sheen. All our mates in school had spectrum 48K's with the rubber keys or Commodore 64's. Mam and Dad had hinted at the fact that we were going to get a computer for Christmas and I was so excited I could hardly stand still. My mate Rupert has a Spectrum and he had Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy on it. I couldn't wait to get my own, get really good at it, do the screen called "You Must Perform a Quirkafleeg" (nobody else had) and get playground bragging rights. I would be awesome.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Triple Threat Part 4 - On Motivation

Right, so you know by now that I am trying to lose weight, get fit and give up smoking. You also know I have a good friend who is (tor)mentoring me along the way. I have an exercise plan that I do every morning before I go to work and I have given up most of the food I like. For example, bacon, white bread, chocolate, sweets, cake and well, insert something that Slimming World frowns upon here.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


So once again it appears that Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble with the political correctness police about things he has recently said in interviews. He is being roundly lambasted from all sides as apparently, he thinks people that exercise their legal right to strike should be executed. In front of their families no less. I heard this and was also made aware by the stream of vitriol on my social networking sites of choice. Blimey, I thought, maybe Jezza really is a right wing idiot that can't see both sides of the story. Maybe whatever speck of journalistic integrity he may have had has now disappeared into the ether now he is minted and has arguably one of the best jobs on television. However, after looking at he situation a little more closely, I think mountains have been made of molehills.

Monday, 5 December 2011

The last three posts

You might notice when reading the posts below that they are over a period of time. The past month to be exact. I'm guest blogging on a friends lifestyle site as she is looking for a blokes point of view on all sorts of stuff and as I am trying to get fit and healthy at the moment, it seemed like a good idea.

The Triple Threat blogs can be found here as well as on my blogspace. Girls, it is a valuable source of information for all manner of lady-centric things. Boys, it is also a valuable source of information for presents for the aforementioned ladies. Amanda is uber stylish and I have heard that other women like that sort of thing too. You'll thank me.

Triple Threat – Part Three

Let me start by saying that Mark Kelly is a nice man. I have had the great pleasure of knowing him for nearly 22 years. I consider him a great friend. It was only recently though I discovered his penchant for sadism. Mark has agreed to help me get back in shape as he is a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. Now I’m in my late thirties, my body is paying the price of nearly twenty years of being lazy, smoking, drinking and eating what I want. To say I’m a bit “lardy” now is an understatement. I have been doing some exercises that Mark has given me to do at least three times a week just to get me and my body back in the groove of exercise. This week though, Mark wants to test my limits of fitness by putting my body through its paces.

Triple Threat – Part the Second

Everyone knows that the key to health is a decent diet and regular exercise. Everyone. The vast majority of folk like me know that if we had some fruit, brown toast and juice for breakfast and not Coco Pops and a bacon sarnie from the canteen at the office we would be contributing to a better lifestyle. But we don’t, do we?  Tomorrow we’ll do it, won’t we?

Triple Threat Part One

Can one couch potato lose weight, tone up and knock the cigs on the head in eight weeks? Wayne Assiratti finds out…
So, I woke up the other morning and noticed that I was no longer necessarily as slim and svelte as I remember.  It appears that seven years of marriage and little exercise can do something to a man’s waistline. Ok. I admit it. It has nothing to do with my wife, cats, kids and mortgage. It has lots to do with the fact that I lead a very sedentary lifestyle now. I drive everywhere, I sit down a lot at work and do very little exercise.

Five Sentence Fiction - Bubbles

Here we are again with Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin. The word du jour is Bubbles...