I have wanted to write Reunion for about twenty years. Almost as soon as I left school (which I loathed and despised by the way) I had an idea about writing about a school reunion. I had ideas about it being a piece of Musical Theatre first then a film or TV thing. Anyway, due to the fact that I can procrastinate for my country, I finally started writing down ideas for it earlier this year and to my surprise, people liked it a bit, so it has become something of a serial on the blog. Below are the links to the posts:

Part One - David Brook

Part Two - Richard Blake

Part Three - Jennifer Davison

Part Four - Micky Williams

Part Five - April 1988

Part Six - Deepak Ghosh

Part Seven - The Room

Part Eight - Michelle Goldman

Part Nine - Catching Up

The posts are called part one to nine, but on reflection, the first eight can be read in any order. If this ever becomes an actual real book, I'll probably fill them out and reorder them a bit. Part Nine though is definitely after the first eight.

This page will be filled with future parts too, so make sure you check back. It goes without saying that the work on these posts is all original and belongs to me. Comments are always welcome, I'm learning as I go.



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