Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie McFerrin

Through meeting lots of other writer type folk through Blogger over the past year I have happened upon a blog by a lady called Lillie McFerrin who sets a weekly challenge called Five Sentence Fiction.

The rules are simple, Lillie sets a prompt word and away you go. Five sentences using the word as inspration. I have learnt a lot about being efficient when writing through this challenge and I have also met some lovely folk that get involved in this from all over the globe.

Links to my contributions are below:

Devotion                           Pirates

Zombies                            Detour

Scarlet                              Flawed

Victory                             Potion

Distance                           Candidate

Night                                Midnight

Blush                                Thief




As with my other pages, this will fill up with links the more I do, so check back every now and again.



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