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I'm still quite new to blogging, but I have been given a couple of "Awards", which I have decided to display here with the links to the relevant awarders (is that even a word?) and the relevant post I have done for it. Badges are basically Blog-Bling (props to you Mina Lobo) and even though, my years of bling are behind me in the real world, on the blog I like to go all gangsta...

Yes, I'm doing it. No, I haven't a clue where to start...

Once again the lovely Mina Lobo nominated me for this one. so I answered some questions that she posed here.

This is a weekly meme I have got involved with to blatantly up my readership and meet new bloggers to share some ideas and things with. It's quite fun and the first post is already up. I'll be posting once weekly then Spooktoberfest will be taking place (see below). It should be good fun and is hosted by Jackie and Dani (again below).

Here is a flash fiction Halloween blogfest hosted by Bouquet of Books and Entertaining Interests. 300 words maximum and five mandatory words too. Click on either of the links for their blogs and sign up, it looks to be a bit of fun. And there are prizes!


Another one from Mina Lobo at Some Dark Romantic. She is celebrating her one year blog anniversary on November the seventh, which interestingly enough is quite near my one year anniversary. Ah, serendipity. Basically, click here to find out what the plan is and get involved. I'm looking forward to rummaging through my early posts and giving something an airing that hasn't seen the light of day for a while. There are prizes too. Ever so generous is Mina.

This Tagged is from Mina Lobo (who is all kinds of ace by the way) over at Some Dark Romantic and I have been quite lax in replying you know. I will do this set of questions as soon as I am able. 


This was through Christine Rains while she was promoting her new book being published and she asked the entire internets to talk about their childhood monsters. This was a fun one to do and it's here.

Tagged by Mark Kelly over at The DM's Screen. My post for this is here. Keen observers will notice I did this slightly wrong. I was a bit green back then. Cest la vie...

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