Hi there.

My name is Wayne Assiratti and I'm a forty four year old husband and father of two. A full time office jockey and part time musician. I started this blog when I was on a fitness kick back in late 2011 and thought that if I wrote about it, I would actually lose the spare tyre that I have developed over that past few years. Suffice to say, the health kick has gone off into the ether, but the blog has not.

I write about all sorts of stuff, things I think about and fledgling attempts at fiction too. All opinions are mine and the honest truth. I occasionally rant and rave about things that annoy me and tell stories about my friends and family (I hope they don't mind!).

I hope you find the stuff you read interesting and entertaining. All comments are welcome. You can follow me on Twitter on @wayneassiratti. My tweets are as random as this blog.

Rock on,


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