I'm an avid podcast listener and can be a bit evangelical about what I listen to as well. Here are links to the posts that I have done for Podcasts I like. They come across as positive reviews in a way, but that isn't the intention really. I think of them more as introductions to the subject matter. Hope you read, enjoy, then listen to them too.

The Smartest Man in the World

Comedian Greg Proops is cleverer than you. Yes, yes he is.

Midlife Gamer

Grown up? Still play video games? These are the boys for you.

We're Alive

Alternative present, zombie armageddon drama in weekly parts. It's bloody epic, if you'll pardon the pun.

The Pod Delusion

Scepticism and current affairs magazine show that YOU can contribute to.

Documentary of the Week

Blighty's Radio 4 gives you a documentary once a week for your listening pleasure.

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