Saturday, 11 July 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Thief

Five Sentence Fiction - Thief

You know what, it's been a while. So softly, softly, catchee monkey...

It was so easy in the crowd; the tap and distract, then misdirection. She never suspected a thing and now Ricky held the contents of the woman's purse in his hands. Credit cards, two hundred dollars in cash, a phone and keys to the Prius he saw her get out of just up the road. He ditched the cards as he didn't see the need for them and pocketed the phone and cash, planning to fence the phone later. Later, as he sat smugly in the whisper quiet Prius driving on the long road out of town to Vegas and his fence, he didn't notice the black Cadillac following him with the man in the passenger seat wearing an eye patch and carrying a fist full of knives.

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  1. I dig when the hunter becomes the hunted--nicely done! Glad to have you back. Hope we get some more of Reunion soon!

  2. Yes hunni! Nice to see you back x


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