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Podcasts - The Smartest Man in the World

Inspired by another blogger friend of mine called Mina Lobo, I have decided to do a short post once a week about podcasts I'm listening to and thought you lovely readers might like to hear as well. Mina Lobo recently undertook the A to Z blogging challenge this year and posted nearly every day in April. As a result, she is planning to do "feature blogs" on a regular basis. So I thought "Anything you can do love..."

You can check out her very smashing blog Some Dark Romantic by clicking the link. She is all kinds of funny, and I look forward to her posts. You should too. Also, my blogging (tor)mentor and old friend Mark K does something similar. His blog is called The DM's Screen and is great as well.

Greg Proops
This week I give you The Smartest Man in The World

Like most folk these days, I have a smartphone. More specifically an iPhone 4. As a result, I have got into listening to podcasts through searching iTunes and getting recommendations from friends. I don't think I have listened to conventional radio for about a year, instead choosing to find shows and subjects that I like and listening to those usually on the 45 minute commute back and forth to work and occasionally in the bath*.

Greg Proops is a stand up comedian, actor and improvisor of some considerable note. Both sides of the Atlantic he has been in the Whose Line is it Anyway cast for as long as I can remember and still tours with them on a regular basis. He is one of the hardest working comedians in the world right now.The reason you don't hear much about him lately, is he isn't trendy in the UK any more.

Generally once a week, wherever he is in the world (and he travels a lot) he goes to a bar or comedy club and gives a free 90 minute performance with no script. This is called the Smartest Man in the World. Greg usually talks about the town he is in and generally what is on his mind. He is extremely well read, erudite and likes to talk plain. He is very opinionated and cares not what his listening audience think. Every podcast has what he affectionately calls "The Boring, Preachy Part". This generally is Greg's platform to talk on current affairs and make his feelings known on the issues of the day. You may say "I don't want to be lectured to by an effete, lefty american comedian." I say, "Shut up and listen. He's really funny and you will learn something along the way."

He refers to himself in the third person, lampoons the audience, swears uncontrollably and drinks vodka throughout. You can also send him questions that he may or may not answer on the podcast. Those of you with a weak listening constitution please be warned that Greg Proops is recording on his own time and the language is very strong and all (and I mean all) subjects and persons are ripe for his barbed tongue. This podcast is listened too as soon as it turns up on my iTunes**. It's all kinds of great and makes me happy instantly. I hope it makes you happy too.

* DISCLAIMER : The iPhone 4 is not waterproof or submersible in any way. Get some speakers. If you do put your smartphone in the bath, you are too stupid to have one.
** Other ways of getting podcasts are available, I just don't use them.


  1. Thanks for the mention and kind words, Wayne!

    I only know Proops from "Whose Line...", both versions, as it happens, since cable network Comedy Central, aired the British original, back in the 90s. He did do fantastic work on both, but since American TV can be so sanitized, I have a hard time picturing him swearing like...well, like I do, to be honest. ;-)

    Some Dark Romantic

    1. Wow, I'm in esteemed company :) Mucho appreciato of the mention Sir Wayne.

  2. I love this idea. Podcasts are one of those things that a lot of people listen to but I haven't seen any blog posts about! Great niche piece which will really set you apart.

    Look forward to more stuff.


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