Monday, 4 June 2012

Podcasts - Midlife Gamer

Here is the second post in my series on podcasts I listen to that I think you might want to too. Apologies for the lateness, but I have been working away from home this week and the days have been very long, so not a lot of  time for blogging has been forthcoming. Anyway, I digress.

This week I give you the very tremendous Midlife Gamer.

The Midlife Gamer Podcast is a podcast about video games. It is presented by two very good friends Daren Baldock and Matthew Moore. These guys are passionate about gaming, whether it be console, PC, IOS or Android and anything in-between. I have personally been listening since 2010 as I had recently acquired an iPod (other MP3 players are available) at the time. I had started to listen to some podcasts and was looking for one on gaming. So using iTunes I searched for a podcast about gaming and this one leapt out of the list of many. Mainly the title made me giggle so I plonked it on the iPod and pressed play. I haven't looked back.

The schedule for the podcast was usually weekly, but has recently been fortnightly as Matt now lives and works in Wales and Daren lives in the Midlands. You may find over the next few weeks I wax lyrical about the podcasts I write about, but these are ones I listen to every time there is a new episode and they have become almost dear companions to me as well as entertainment. Especially when I am away from home. Listening to Midlife Gamer is like being down the pub with a couple of mates. It's laid back and slick all at the same time. That's a good thing. 

I have come up with a formula for the MLG podcast, it goes like this :

Great gaming news, reviews, new releases and chat + toilet humour + rude words + guy love = The Midlife Gamer Podcast.

In the podcast you can expect chat about what the guys have been playing since the last episode, a section where people can submit music from games that they have enjoyed called Soundtrack to our Gaming Lives (think Our Tune for geeks), Gaming news, Gaming Sales Charts and a weekly quiz where the presenters take it in turns to out fox each other week by week That's the stuff that is always there, but there is always material that comes out of two very good mates being in a room chatting. As a listener you always feel that they are genuine and honest about how they feel about games. Daren is a hoarder of games and has a unusual penchant for train simulators on the PC. Matt however feels no attachment to his acquisitions and often trades games that he has only played for a few hours to get the latest titles.

As with the last podcast I talked about, Matt and Daren use grown up words and quite often the rudeness level can be turned up to eleven. If that isn't your kind of thing, maybe this isn't the podcast for you. You should listen though, because it's great. Consistently. One of my favourite parts of the podcast is the bits in between the recording of the main sections that are saved for after the end as an "extras" section. They are two very funny men with an obvious chemistry which can only come from an obvious passion for their subject matter and working together on something that they really care about for a considerable amount of time.

Midlife Gamer have a website that can be found here. There is a strong community and forums to be found there. Of  course you can download from iTunes, but the podcast is also available straight from the website too. There are Twitter feeds, a Facebook group and an RSS feed too. They even sell merchandise and have iPhone and and Android apps so you can keep up to date on your smartphone. It's very good quality podcasting and you would be a fool not to listen if gaming is your thing. I hope those of you that do decide to tune in, enjoy.  


  1. Sir,

    Got me curious about these podcasts. I shall be giving them a listen soon. By the way, you might want to check something - you say the podcasts are presented by 'to' very good friends... naughty, naughty ;)

    Easily done, I'm a bugger for proof reading my own stuff and still leaving in the odd mistake of three.

  2. Cheers Mark. I have just re read and have seen some other grammar issues too. I'll be sorting them out forthwith!


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