Thursday, 8 November 2012

Express Yourself - Post Five

Hi everyone, I was thinking a lot about this weeks post as I am a big music fan and wasn't sure I could choose ten or so songs for a real life playlist. As Dani mentions in her post this week, a real life playlist could take ages to do! I have eight or nine playlists on my iPhone that I listen to for all sorts of different things and getting all those down could take hours.

So, taking my cue from Dani, I have got a ten song playlist for my current WIP: Reunion. Here is a brief synopsis...

In 1988 at New Hill High School in the town of Milton there was a fire. Tragically, a very popular student teacher was killed. David Brook and two other students narrowly escaped the same fate in that fire which was blamed on faulty wiring. now, twenty four years on, David Brook and many other students of the class of '89 are receiving invitations to a High School Reunion. Some look forward to attending and others don't. The students have grown up and moved away but are all somehow linked in some way to the fire. Also, no one knows who is organising the reunion. Some former students have never really believed that the fire was a tragic accident and for some sleuths professional and amateur, the chance to have the entire class in the same room is just too good to miss. We meet the Class of '89 again, see how their lives have unfolded and attend the reunion with them with some quite unexpected and harrowing results. 

As it's a school reunion with a "cast" that went to school in the mid to late eighties, I imagine (in a John Hughes 'esque way) the soundtrack might look a bit like this...

1. The Right Thing - Simply Red. Perfect Blue Eyed Soul

2. Big Area - Then Jericho. Sadly three or four tracks from this band then into oblivion they went. This is there biggest hit.

3. Don't Call Me Baby - Voice of the Beehive. A great track in the tradition of the Gogo's, The Bangles and all those other great american girl bands.

4. I Don't Want a Lover - Texas. Sharleen Spiteri explodes onto the music scene in 1988 with this great track.

5. Push It - Salt N Pepa. Turns out that girls could rap too. Pretty damn well.

6. Labour of Love - Hue and Cry. Epic pop from this Scottish band.

7. There's Nothing Like This - Omar. Neo Soul classic from Omar.

8. Cuddly Toy - Roachford. Awesome. Just Awesome.

9. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi. What can you say about this track? When it turned up in 1986 everyone (and I mean everyone) was singing it at my school. Brilliant, ridiculous, massive haired rock from Jon and the lads. Still makes me play drums on the steering wheel.

10. Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. In my opinion, the most beautiful song ever written. Shame the video is a bit cheesy...

This was hard to put together! I have been going through songs for about three hours! Hope you like them.
Dani's site is here. Have a look at the other submissions.




  1. Cool tunes buddy - Then Jericho and 'Big Area' - what was that film it was used in? With Mark Hamill , a sci-fi type flick with para gliders and such - Bob Peck was in it as well, I believe?

  2. Some great choices here! And yes,a real life playlist could take a long time if you wanted to be really thorough.

  3. Hey Mark. I think that film was called Slipstream.

  4. Nice selection, Texas rock on! :D

  5. Like your playlist, but your synop sounds even better!
    Thanks for participating in our meme!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love the sound of the story, seems like an interesting read! I can't say I'm all too familiar with the songs on the playlist, but they seem good :)

    1. Hey Laura. I am taking a guess that you weren't even born by the time I had left school in 1989, so I am more than aware that you might not know the songs! I'd have a wade through though. You might like them.



  8. Nice list - reminds me of the good old days of recordiong stuff onto a casette - tho I thought you'd have the Manics on there being from Wales and all - which part of Cardiff were you from?

  9. Great choices. Sorry my visit is week late, co-hosting IWSG take up a lot of time. I am looking forward to next weeks Express Yourself! It will be interesting taking a look into each others private abodes!


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