Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Midnight

Good day to you all out there whatever time it may be where you are. Here I start on my resolutions for writing with my first installment of Five Sentence Fiction for the new year. Once again I am late to the game, so without beating around the bush or any further ado, here is my take on Midnight. 

Lillie McFerrin

The little rowing boat sat so still on the glass water of the lake, it made not a ripple and inside it sat Jude, holding the stout, sharpened pole. 

The moon was directly overhead now bathing him in white light making everything seem monochrome, the stars it's silent midnight chorus. 

Jude waited, eyes and ears straining for the slightest movement or sound of the water beast, muscles tensing and un-tensing as he prayed to any gods that might be listening to deliver it to his little boat there in the lake; to the tip of his hand hewn spear.

One of those gods must have been listening because about fifty yards from the boat, he saw its huge reptilian head rise to the surface, a guttural growl emanating from its throat and jet black eyes reflecting the light of the moon which were locked on Jude.

He stood up in the boat, hefting his makeshift weapon and shouted at the top of his voice "I WILL KNOW VENGANCE!" as the water beast sped toward him.

Here is the link to Lillie McFerrin's page to do the linky thing. Make sure you have a look at the other folk posting their interpretations too.

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  1. This is wonderful storytelling! And "...the stars it's silent midnight chorus," absolutely beautiful.

  2. I love the picture you've painted! Great tension too...

  3. Cracking stuff again, sir! Don't know why, but makes me think of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? That and the early Conan the Barbarian stories - I urge you to read those, seriously.

    And replied to your comment re: nosh up ;)


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