Saturday, 5 January 2013

Writing Goals


I decided today to make some writing plans for the year. I managed to speak to some folk over the Christmas break that were interested in my blog (readers, not bloggers themselves) and some of the writing that I have done on it and got some really good constructive criticism. So, here is the list of things I plan to stick to over the coming year...

1. Finish writing Reunion

This needs to be done. I am the king of procrastination and have to get out of the habit. I have a really good idea of where the story needs to go now and will be working on it at least once a week if not more. Unfortunately, you won't be seeing it on the blog as often, but I'll put a bit on from time to time. 

2. Get back into Five Sentence Fiction

I felt that I was staring to stretch my writing muscles when I started doing the FSF stuff and will be looking forward to getting back into it. I also miss getting the comments on the posts from the other writers and reading their stuff. You know we all live for the comments!

3. Start something new

From the FSF posts, some people have commented that they would like to read more on some of the stories, so I plan to expand on them and also on the "Luca and Cecily" post I did a while back too. 

4 Get something published

This is the biggie. A lot of bloggers that I read have had little bits published here and there and also have self published their own books too. I'm going to get into that business this year and see how I do. Expect to see your Twitter feeds full of shameless self promotion... 

There, that'll do for now. Do any of you have big plans for 2013 from a writing point of view?

Rock on, 



  1. Can't wait to get those tweets!

  2. Great goals up there and wish you the best for 2013! Glad to see you expand on "Luca and Cecily," and bring on the tweets! (;

  3. As a matter of fact, Dude, my next post is about 2013 goals, and your own good self is mentioned. So pop by and check it out.

    Also; Yay, MORE REUNION!!! :-)

  4. Nice list of goals! Here's to a great 2013!


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