Monday, 11 February 2013

Liebster Award.

Hello there you lovely people. The very nice Mina Lobo over at Some Dark Romantic has nominated me for the Liebster Award in the vain hope that my little blog in this dusty corner of the internet gets a little bit more traffic.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that my list of blog followers is quite small, and the population of that list are quite popular bloggers, I was hard pressed to find eleven people to nominate in turn. So, I am just going to answer the questions posed by Mina and hope you lot find it amusing.

Mina's questions are as follows:

1: Some movies I love are:

This is difficult, but as I am pushed to name a few (which means three to me) I'll say Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet which is quite frankly epic, Taken with Liam Neeson as the Dad you never want to cross and Love Actually, because I'm a sucker for that kind of movie.

2: As for music I groove to:

Now I sing in a covers band, so my musical taste is eclectic to say the least. First and foremost I'm all about the rock a'la Black Crowes and AC/DC, but then I can be heard listening to Motown, Jamiroquai (because he is funky most for a white guy from Essex), punk, MOR, early Hiphop and shit tons of eighties stuff of late as I pine for my youth, cheekbones and massive Morrissey like quiff. Pretty much any music that shakes my moneymaker.

3: I rarely miss these TV shows:

Grimm, The Following, Big Bang Theory, Stella, Blue Bloods and the Newsroom. Mostly the latter as I worship Aaron Sorkin's writing. The man is a bloody genius.

4: I hated these foods as a kid, but now I really heart them.

Tomatoes. Couldn't stomach them raw at all. Now my favourite starter at a restaurant is buffalo mozzerella and beef tomatoes with basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Boom!

5: I like to celebrate my loved ones by:

Telling them I love them. Because I do.

6: Some authors work that I read without fail are:

Terry Prattchett and Robert Rankin. With. Out. Fail. If It wasn't for them, I wouldn't have a sense of humour.

7: These colours make me feel great when I wear them.

Red obviously, as I wouldn't be a Welshman if I didn't like red. Also, I'm fond of a three piece suit whenever the opportunity arises and have a pretty sharp black one and a three piece dinner suit too in dark grey.

8: I'm always up for a game of...

Cards. When we were kids, our parents taught us loads of card games like Trumps, Rummy, Switch and the Assiratti family favourite, Cheat. Now my kids are getting old enough to play too and it's a joy to pass these social games along. I played nine ball pool quite seriously for a while in my twenties. It's the crack cocaine of bar games.  Also, you could dress a certain way in a pool hall and I'm nothing if not all about looking the part for a thing.

9: My fave treats from that special someone are:

She buys me a big Dark Chocolate Toblerone, every Christmas, Easter and birthday. That is one of the plethora of reasons why I love her.

10: I'd like to try this job out for a day.

Prime Minister. I talk about it a lot. "When I'm Prime Minister..." I often exclaim. It probably means I should be dissuaded from doing it if I ever get the chance.

11: I really liebe...

My children. Even though sometimes they drive me so insane I could actually pull my own hair out, They are the best things that I have ever done.    

Cheers Mina, as ever you flatter me with your attention and I love it. To those of you that might be stopping by for the first time, have a look around, chill out and don't forget to feed the frog.

Rock on,



  1. I've enjoyed Grimm, though I haven't kept up with it very well. (Amazing, since the lead guy is pretty freaking HOT.) (Woof!) The Following, alas, conflicts with some other shows I must watch on a Monday night, but I think I can find it least, I plan to look for it! :-)

  2. Nice to meet you Wayne, via Mina, she's a pretty awesome individual, and since you have frogs I know you are too.

    I just started watching The Following, that is grim, but love Kevin, and The Big Bang Theory, funny stuff!

    New folks will come and soon you'll be so busy you'll wonder what happened!

    Not a spammer, I assure you!

  3. Great answers. Strange how we hated some foods as kids and like them now as adults. My husband is the same way about tomatoes. I still have a five-year-old's pallet!

  4. Great to learn more about you Wayne!
    The Big Bang Theory is awesome!
    And I love my 80's music!!
    As you know, I also sing in a covers band... my repertoire is also quite eclectic, though I do lean more towards 80's stuff.


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