Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Pirates

Five Sentence Fiction is one year old this week. I haven't been doing it for that long but there is a list of all the prompt words here on Lillie's site. As a present to all of us that participate Lillie has given us the opportunity to post on any one word that have been given over the past year, so I have chosen Pirates and it goes like this....

Lillie McFerrin
It was a dim, muggy and misty morning in the Carribean Sea. 

Calico Jacob looked out at the raven black, still ocean and spied a french corvette with eighteen guns about a mile away through his eyeglass, sails down and sailors still groggy and waking up from their slumbers. 

There were seven other men in his rowboat, deadlier sea dogs you would never wish to see, steeped to their eyes in piracy and hell to pay with cutlass and pistol. 

"What can you see Calico?" said Black Cesar, a seven foot Moor made of murder. 

"Eighteen guns and sleeping Frenchmen on guard boys;" said Calico with a wicked smile, "break out the sweeps and let's do what we do."

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  1. Great, short story! Loved it:)

    It's weird. My follow list posted your Express yourself blog post, but I cant seem to find it...

    All the same, I enjoyed your 5 sentence story:)

  2. Hey there. Thanks for dropping by. The Express Yourself post is due out tomorrow, I published it by accident! Blogger mistake 101 eh?

  3. Nice, nice, nice - also love the new look to your blog. Easier on the eyes. :)

  4. This is good, I enjoyed it very much, it actually made me smile as it was so true to pirate form that I could visualize the sneak attack about to transpire. Great writing Wayne!

  5. Nice!! Great piece that paints a vivid picture without overt description, much of it coming through the characterization. Neatly told. Love this!

  6. Great writing voice and you've created the perfect atmosphere for this piece.

  7. You captured this perfectly, the scene, the syntax, the speach, it made it very visual.

  8. I agree with Sarah, you have captured the syntax and speech perfectly! I always enjoy your writing, Wayne. Felt like I was right there on the water with them. :))

  9. LOL, some of these descriptive phrases are just brilliant:

    "...steeped to their eyes in piracy and hell to pay with cutlass and pistol."

    "...a seven foot Moor made of murder." -love these!

    Also dig the idea of a dread pirate's name being "Calico." hah! :-)

    Mina's Resurrection Blogfest!


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