Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beta Reading

Hola. I'm back off a weeks holiday with the family and finally shucking the skin of the A - Z Challenge off my shoulders. Really felt a bit wiped out after all of that! While I was off, I started beta reading for a Five Sentence Fiction colleague of mine; Phillip R Hall at Crazy Flipper Fingers.

Phillip asked a few people to beta read his second novel called Minimal a few weeks ago so that people could give him feedback on the general feel of the story, grammar issues and all that kind of stuff.

Phillip has already self published his first novel called Memories of the Dead, which is available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook if you so wish to find it. He is quite aware of the amount of work required to get a concept to publication and you can read about it here.

I really enjoyed getting involved in the beta read (and the heaps of note taking). I think that Phillip is onto something great with his new project. I wish him all the best with it. If you need a beta reader for your stuff, give me a shout through here. More than happy to get involved.

Rock on,



  1. It's fun to beta read a person's manuscript, and it is a great learning process too. :)

  2. Really good of you to offer, Wayne. And yeah, A to Z really kicked my butt this year. But then, April was difficult for me just generally. Looking forward to getting back to that is... :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. The A to Z was great... but tiring!
    I've read Philip's F-S-F stuff... he's a great writer!
    Hope you're keeping well Wayne...? And the family too.
    Have you been gigging much? How's that going?

    Writer In Transit

  4. Hey all. Thanks for popping by.

    Cherie: It was really interesting. I did find it difficult not to give suggestions on direction of the story as there were points that I wasn't sure about in the manuscript, but that is over stepping the mark in my opinion. I hope Phillip found my notes useful.

    Mina: A-Z really, really knocked me sideways. More prep next year. Honest!

    Michelle: The family is all good, thanks for asking. Still gigging too. Friday and Saturday this week. Rock and Roll...!


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