Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Z is for Zenith

Here we are. The last post of the A-Z Challenge 2013 and it's a hard letter. What do you post for Z? I have to be honest, I'm at a loss. Doesn't mean I won't try...

So, the word zenith comes from an arabic word that was mis read / translated. The word was also misspelt in the middle ages as senit or cenit. Nowadays it means an imaginary point directly above a particular location. It also is thought to mean the greatest part of doing something. If something has reached it's zenith, then it has achieved something absolutely. Just downhill from here then.

Suffice to say, this post isn't the zenith of my blogging. If I'm honest, it is with some relief I type these words, as I have found this last week particularly trying. Not that I haven't enjoyed the experience. Next year, I will pre write considerably more that I have this year. Then again, I guess that there are a lot of you that said that last year!

Anyway, I close with some news. I have noticed that over the challenge, some opinion pieces have not really been hitting the mark with you guys. The social commentary stuff I have posted isn't really what should be posting here. So, in the next month or so, I'll be building another blogging platform for these kinds of pieces and product reviews and generally more blokey stuff. If that's your bag, I'll post the occasional link and you can wander over and have a look.

Thanks to all of you for coming by and commenting. It is, as ever, very welcome.

Rocco's final Random Number is 645 which will lead you to BookorBust. I like it there.

Rock on,



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