Friday, 26 April 2013

W is for Writing

So, here we are at the crux of it. The tail end of the A-Z Challenge and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I'm sure that there are a bunch of you out there that are feeling good about yourselves too. Nearly twenty six posts in the bag in one calendar month. That's a lot of writing.

Have you got out of it what you felt you would at the beginning? If I'm honest, I didn't have much of an objective, just wanted to get twenty six posts out. Just three to go after this one, so mission nearly accomplished there for me. My posts were random and some got loads of traffic, some not so much. It has given me a taste of what kind of an audience the folk that follow my blog are. All about the writerly stuff, not so much on the current affairs. That's fine, but as a result, I think I will be making another blog for the more serious stuff and reviews of things that won't be received as well here.

As for results, I started the challenge with 35 followers and now have 48. That's a result in itself. I was on 8000'ish hits on the blog and now I have somewhere near 9500. Another result. I have met loads of great folk that are generous and supportive about blogging and have taken the time to comment. Bonzer.

On top of that, on a whim I wrote some flash fiction which is turning into something else, which is interesting. It's YA science fiction; an area I have never ventured into, but looking forward to writing more of it. Thanks to those of you that were interested in that too. There will be more to come with that in the future.

Rocco's Random Number is 408 which takes you to Jay Noel - Writer on Fire. All kinds of good stuff over there.

Rock on,



  1. Wayne, ne thing I will say, besides 'well done', is post A-Z can be tougher than the A-Z itself. Brace yourself buddy, be prepared. Suddenly the regime is removed and all direction disappears. I highly recommend a wee break when it's over. Trust me on this ;)

  2. Thanks for the props! I've been blogging for almost 8 years now, and it has changed in many different ways. But the one thing that remains constant is this: the more involved you get with other bloggers, the more activity you'll get on here. You will receive way more than you give.

    But you have to give.

    -- Jay


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