Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Ubiquitous

This is a stretch to get to the subject matter I'm blogging about, but I'm nothing if not game. I'll roll the writers sleeves up and get down to business.

Advertising is ubiquitous. Meaning that it is practically everywhere. On our 'phones, our laptops, our PC's, our TV's and even when we go outside, in shops, on walls on the walls on the way to the shops, on buses and trains, magazines and papers, cereal boxes and fruit. As most people are aware, a vast majority of the internet is selling something. Anyone that tells you different is lying and probably trying to sell you something.

I found out the other day that while on an average 45 minute commute, you will see roughly 130 adverts. Interestingly enough, if quizzed about them after your commute, you will remember the ones that interest you, your demographic and the ones that might have something to do with what you have to do in your near future. People worked out how that worked and they are the people that earn considerably more than you or I. They made the adverts that seep into your mind and memory. Those adverts inveigle themselves into your subconscious so that next time you need a thing and you go to the shop or on the internet to get it, you will invariably go for the one that has been pitched to you every day on the way to work. Also, if priced keenly, you won't even consider the hit on your wallet. You won't even try to compare with another brand for some stuff. Isn't that sinister?

I don't know about you, but I drive to work. Because I loathe advertising, I try my best not to pay attention. You may say, that was a good thing as I am driving and you will be right. But, even when I am stopped at lights and junctions, I force myself not to look. This doesn't always work and probably why I now have the same brand of netbook, 'phone and removable hard drive. I shan't tell you what they are as I'm not selling anything, but they are good. Almost all of the blogging I do is done on them and it's them I thank daily for my link to the internet and by extension you lovely people.

Once again, I have gone a bit rambly, but no matter. If any part of this post makes you change your mind about adverts and advertising, it will gladden my heart. We buy things because we are conditioned to do so. There are other options, you just have to look. Massive corporations don't need your money really, so look around and maybe give it to the little organisation. I'm willing to bet you will be genuinely surprised.

Rocco's Random Number is 238 which takes you to Laughing at Life which is funny. I went and looked.

Rock on,



  1. Thanks for the link to my blog! The advertising stats are creepy, and make me feel violated.

  2. I try to ignore the ads. Thankfully we watch almost everything recorded so not many commercials around here either!


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