Thursday, 23 August 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Blush

Here we are again. It's FSF time and the prompt word this week is Blush. Deep breath, typing fingers on...

The date had gone very well; she had laughed at his jokes, he was interested in her stories, they liked the same music and she had accepted his company for the walk home. Halfway there the heavens opened and having no umbrella he offered his coat in a fit of chivalry, which kept her dry and got him drenched through to the skin. Laughing at him standing sopping on her doorstep she asked him in offering her tumble dryer's services and a big, fluffy (We hardly know each other!) pink bathrobe to protect his modesty. While she was making coffee (Yes! Score!) he stripped off in the bathroom trying not to drip too much on the nice carpet, he heard her scream "Eeee! Spider!" in fright from the kitchen. Thinking only of another opportunity to appear awesome, he ran through the unfamiliar flat to her aid, tripped over the cat and landed naked as the day he was born, flat on his face on the kitchen floor. 

The very magnificent Lillie McFerrin's links page for all the submissions lives here, so make sure you have a squint at all the other submissions and comment too. There are lots of great writers doing this and they deserve your time.




  1. ROTFL! HAH! Also, I'd love to come off all dainty when I come across an insect in my lair, but I think I sound more like, "...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH, WTF, WTF, WTF???" :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. "...another opportunity to appear awesome"!Lol! Wayne, this is fun, sweet and well written. Really enjoyed it :))

  3. One word - priceless! A real "Kodak-moment"! LOL.
    I REALLY enjoyed this! Great piece, Wayne!

  4. Now that is hilarious! Great stuff lol

  5. A cat will always do that to you (or insert other effective words for that furry animal). I'm still smiling from your story. Randy

  6. I think the cat did it on purpose. Nice one.

  7. Ha ha ha, brilliant...and sooooo embarrassing!


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