Friday, 31 August 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Faces

It's that time again Ladies and Gentlemen. This weeks prompt word is Faces.

Lillie McFerrin

We were rocking hard tonight and the audience was into it in a big way; a sea of bodies jumping and writhing in time to our sound. 

It was only a small club, maybe two hundred or so people in a pretty small hall, but that didn't matter as Guitar Mike tore into the opening riff to Long Train Running by the Doobies. 

Fists pumped, the audience roared in delight, sweat ran down the walls and I grabbed the mic stand and prepared to battle with the crowd with my weapon of choice, daring them not to have a good time. 

Then it was like time slowed down and for one brief moment in the din I could see every face, almost frozen in time. 

Then I saw her, smiling, arms aloft and singing as hard as she could; right then it stopped being just another night with the band and became a performance. 

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Rock on,



  1. Great atmosphere, Wayne!
    I love the opening riff to Long Train Running... it's so distinct! And funky too! Similar to the opening riff of Smoke On The Water... it has that addictive appeal. Now I'm humming the tune and it's probably gonna play on my mind for the rest of the day.

  2. You've set this up so well. I was right there on stage :) Excellent!!!

  3. You and Michelle speak my musical language! Went over to youtube to play the song while I'm writing this comment.

    I've felt this kind of stop motion moment (not on stage-lol)when I've seen the one face that I hoped to see or seen a stranger who suddenly felt like someone I'd known all my life.

    Well done you!

  4. Bags of atmosphere in this one. I could have been there. Well done.

  5. That last line is so romantic. Everyone wants to experience that moment when you look across a crowded room and see "the one." Very nicely done.

    One tiny typo: First line, change "audience were" to "audience was."

  6. Thanks Jayne. Audience is singular isn't it... Schoolboy error!

  7. LOL, my eyes are old and tired. For a second there, I could've sworn the prompt was "Feces." :-D

    Another great five sentences, Wayne. I dig the hints of magic yet to come. Rock on!
    Some Dark Romantic

  8. "...right then it stopped being just another night with the band and became a performance." Loved this. Rock on Wayne!

  9. Amazing presence in this one! Like everyone else I was there with him staring out into the audience!

  10. Many thanks for all your lovely feedback. I'm a little late to the game for the next challenge as I have had a busy week or so and have neglected the blog a bit. I'll get onto "Memories" asap.

    Rock on indeed,



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