Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Memories

Hi everyone, here is this weeks installment of Five Sentence Fiction. The prompt word is Memories and I'm a little late to the game. So forcing the strains of a certain Broadway show tune out of my head, I'll press on.

Lillie McFerrin

The uppercut to my chin was so powerful, I left the floor and flew back about five feet. 

My brain must have been bouncing around my skull as I sailed backwards, it shook all manner of things out into my consciousness; I saw the bright red bike my parents gave me for Christmas in '64, I could smell the perfume that Annie wore and how her breath smelled like chocolate mint milkshake when I leaned in to kiss her after the school dance in '70, I remembered the look on her face when I told her I was stepping out with her best friend Mary later that year, I felt the heft of my first pay packet at the mill in '72 and the sweet taste of the first beer I bought with the money I had earned myself. 

I remembered a lot of beer bottles, some good memories, but mostly bad; still yet the bottles rose up in front of me clinking and clunking and smelling stale, rising higher and higher in my minds eye that I could no longer see the top, confirming to me that I had become an obnoxious, hapless drunk and Mr Uppercut was the latest in a long line of people I had been obnoxious at. 

I landed on my backside and slid backwards with my head hitting the wood of the bar, snapping me out of my momentary reverie while he bore down on me with fists clenched and eyes full of nothing but the thought of me knotted up like a human pretzel. 

I rolled to the side to avoid a well aimed kick in the crotch, spat out my tooth, stood up with my fists raised and resolved that if I got out of this one with everything intact, I'd look Annie up, just to say sorry and maybe invite her out for a... well, let's say a milkshake for starters.

Lillie's page is here, make sure you have a look at the links list and read and comment on the other folk who submit to this too. The material is always diverse and interesting.




  1. The pretzel image was perfect! :) Nice one, but I don't believe him.

  2. I wonder what happened for him to end up this way and I wonder, like Sandra, if it's just the latest in a lomg line of promises he's made himself. Great imagery.

  3. His memories made me smile, and I'm not sure Annie would want to know, even if he did call her!

  4. I really like the way you described the memories. It may be too late for him and Annie, but you never know... :)


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