Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Zombies

Hi all. I'm once again a bit late in submitting, but it's Five Sentence Fiction time again and Lillie has given us a juicy one this week: Zombies....

Lillie McFerrin

Sarah was sure that being deep in the tropical jungle of Haiti watching the native people dance around like dervishes to the manic drums and rhythmic chanting was not your average ethnobotanists day.

This had been gong on for about two hours after a local man had cut open his hand and had various powders rubbed into it making him first enter a trance like state then as far as she could tell, he had died right in front of everyone's eyes. 

She was incredulous and wanted to protest, but thought better of it as she had heard stories of this kind of ritual before. 

The man had been buried in a shallow grave and the drumming and dancing had continued for all this time, atmosphere thicker than pitch in the jungle and the locals chants sounding more and more animal like as the dark music reached fever pitch. 

Then, just as she thought that she could not bear the wanton groaning and beating any longer, the music stopped and the mound where the man had been buried started to move as the zombi pulled itself to the surface, opened its eyes and looked directly at her. 

Lillie's page can be found here so you can post your own submissions if you would like, or just browse the other entries on the links list which is at the bottom of the page.

Also, a great blogger friend of mine called Mark Kelly over at the DM's Screen has written a really great short story on this theme. It's not Five Sentence Fiction, but it's bloody good writing all the same.

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  1. I guess the salient question is . . . is he hungry?


  2. Oh good night, that's scary. Loved how you set this scene.

  3. Let's hope she was a good runner too. Nicely done.

  4. Great combination of jungle setting and drumming/chanting/groaning activities, which create the perfect frenzied atmosphere for the "waking dead"... really creepy!

  5. Yet another Match.com date gone awry.

    Seriously, great tale. You took the time to engage all of our senses and really drew us in. Good job!

  6. You did a wonderful job creating the atmosphere; I could feel the rising fever of the drums. Chilling :)


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