Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's a new dawn, It's a new day...

...It's a new liiiife... Well, for the blog at least. I decided to shake it up as I was starting to get a bit jaded with the standard Blogger stuff. And with the help of my good lady wife, who has more patience than me with these kind of things, Random Stream of Conciousness now looks like this.

Just to let you know, the fractal background has been generated with a groovy piece of free software called Quickman 1.10 and you can download it here on the Softpedia website. Thank you, nice people.  

I'm still learning with Blogger and am starting noticing the limitations, but I can't see me starting a .net or site anytime soon. That involves thinking a lot.

As for Fractals, I'm not a Mandlebrot Set geek, or math geek at all. I just like the patterns. And I had a misspent youth where looking at fractals with pretty colours was brilliant when in various states of inebriation.

Anyway, check the poll if you are so disposed.

Rock on,


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  1. Ooooo love the blog facelift! Kudos to your wife for helping you get this up. I've been wanting to change things around on my blog too but default to blogger stuff because of time issues. But thanks for sharing the Quickman site, I'll have to check it out...


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